Monday, November 9, 2009

Rubber Stamping isn't just for card makers!

I have been enjoying so many of the new
features of StoryBook 3.0. 
Rubber Stamping wasn't one of those. 
I didn't quite understand why I would ever need that in scrapbooking. 
I thought it was just for card makers.
Until one day I was just messing around and figured out why
Rubber Stamping is great for Digital Scrapbookers too.

Here is a sample page that is not using rubber stamping. 
I have used the great papers from the
and then used the flowers from the jewel power palette and the camera from the gazebo pack. 
It doesn't all coordinate together, does it?  Well...rubber stamping would be the solution.

You right click on any item and can choose rubber stamping. 
You then can choose a color or a paper to fill it. 
Now I like this page much better because it all coordinates together. 
How fun!  Enjoy this great tool.

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