Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Make a Wish Croptoberfest

I am so excited to offer this event to all of you. 
It will have something for everyone! 
The best part of the event is that you will have
12 hours of cropping time.
We will be raising money for the "Make a Wish" Foundation as well.
Register soon to take part in the early bird special. 

Having a Blog makes me SMILE!

Well this is it, my first post on my blog.  How exciting! 
I love capturing moments with my camera that are very everyday. 

As many of you know our family has moved to our little cottage.  We are busy making memories of our new adventure.  Life is more simple here and I am enjoying being away from the busy life for a bit.  I hope you will be encouraged to grab your camera today and capture moments that tell about your everyday life.