Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Get your StoryBook Creator 3.0 Upgrade Now!

I have to say -- I LOVE all the upgrades in Storybook Creator 3.0! Here is a sample page showing some of the new things you can do. (It's not a pretty looking page, but shows lots of the new features.) Some of my favorite new features are the "rubber stamp" technique, the "glow" feature, and the cool new things you do with text!  The new auto populate feature creates the whole book for you.  Nothing could get better than this.

Save $10 on the upgrade to 3.0 if you upgrade before Nov. 1st!  Don't forget to upgrade now before the price increase.

If you want to see StoryBook 3.0 in action click here.
Choose StoryBook 3.0 Webinar

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